Bio white dental fillings

While bio or BPA free fillings are already well known in Western Europe and America, here in Slovenia they are still a fairly unknown area and a puzzle for both patients and dentists. Many of us love the discreet white fillings that white composite fillings and other non-metallic fillings provide, but most of us don’t realize that these more aesthetically pleasing options likely contain a health-damaging chemical known as Bisphenol A or BPA. BPA is a chemical found in plastics that has been linked to health problems. Just like mercury fillings, which release trace amounts of mercury into the bloodstream over time, scientists have confirmed oral enzymes that release BPA into the bloodstream from composite dental fillings.

BPA FREE – BIO DENTAL FALLS are dental fillings that do not release BPA.

BPA (Bisphenol A) has been widely used since 1950. It is mainly used in industry or in the production of plastic packaging. Research on the possible impact on human health has shown very different results – from denial to a very harmful effect of this substance on the health of adults and children. Although the responsible institutions in this field ensure that the permitted amounts of BPA do not pose a health risk, the matter must be carefully monitored, especially considering the fact that BPA is used to obtain one of the basic ingredients for the production of white fillings.

BPA FREE bio dental fillings are made from highly purified ingredients and undergo regular and strict BPA release controls, which ensures their complete harmlessness for the health of our patients.

BIO DENTAL PLUGS - BPA-free, now available!

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CBCT/3D slikanje čeljusti

Aparat zajame več posameznih posnetkov (prerezov) določenega predela in jih združi v celoto. Na ta način dobimo 3D prikaz, torej ne samo višino in širino, temveč tudi globino. CBCT posnetki se uporabljajo v primerih načrtovanja bolj kompliciranih kirurških posegov, kot so vstavljanje implantatov, komplicirane odstranitve cist in neizrazlih modrostnikov, sum na skrite prelomne čeljusti ipd.

RVG lokalni posnetek

Če želimo bolj natančno sliko določenega predela z veliko natančnih detajlov, naredim RVG lokalni posnetek s katerim zajamemo področje 1-2 zoba, posamzeno razpoko, plombo ali granulom.

Ortopan posnetek

Pri prvem pregledu pacienta v našem centru obvezno naredimo ortopantomagrski posnetek (ortopan). S tem posnetkom zajamemo področje obeh čeljusti in sosednjih tkiv in struktur. Zato je ortopan odličen za ugotovaljanje začetnega stanja pred načrtovanjem nadaljnega zdravljenja. Odličen je tudi za občasne kontrole zdravja ustne votline