Dental scales

What are dental scales?

Dental veneers are the ideal solution for anyone who wants a maximum aesthetic effect with minimal dental intervention. We grind only 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters of the front surface of the tooth and in this way preserve its vitality. With a thin veneer made of top-quality ceramics, we eliminate all irregularities and at the same time achieve a natural tooth appearance and a beautiful smile.

Dental veneers are an excellent solution for:

  • a complete transformation of your smile,
  • teeth that change color,
  • teeth that have minor irregularities in shape and position,
  • cracked teeth and
  • reduction of excessive space between the front teeth.
Dental scales with a minimally invasive procedure eliminate many irregularities, and with the precise production and processing of hard ceramic/porcelain, they look completely natural. Dental veneers are an extremely thin, individually made layer (thickness of contact lenses) of porcelain that is attached to your teeth by the dentist. affixed by an experienced professional dentist. Dental veneers are most often chosen by individuals because of stained, damaged or chipped teeth. They can also eliminate the asymmetry of the teeth. Dental veneers create a beautiful smile, because porcelain imitates the enamel of a natural tooth and reflects light, so after the procedure our teeth have a natural appearance, shine and a brilliant smile. In the case of a gap between the teeth, veneers can effectively hide congenital tooth irregularities, as well as mild forms of crooked teeth.

Advantages of dental veneers:

  • enable a beautiful and natural appearance of the teeth
  • they are resistant to tea and coffee stains and cigarette smoke
  • we do not need a major intervention on the tooth enamel
  • gums tolerate ceramic veneer materials well
  • we install them quickly.

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CBCT/3D slikanje čeljusti

Aparat zajame več posameznih posnetkov (prerezov) določenega predela in jih združi v celoto. Na ta način dobimo 3D prikaz, torej ne samo višino in širino, temveč tudi globino. CBCT posnetki se uporabljajo v primerih načrtovanja bolj kompliciranih kirurških posegov, kot so vstavljanje implantatov, komplicirane odstranitve cist in neizrazlih modrostnikov, sum na skrite prelomne čeljusti ipd.

RVG lokalni posnetek

Če želimo bolj natančno sliko določenega predela z veliko natančnih detajlov, naredim RVG lokalni posnetek s katerim zajamemo področje 1-2 zoba, posamzeno razpoko, plombo ali granulom.

Ortopan posnetek

Pri prvem pregledu pacienta v našem centru obvezno naredimo ortopantomagrski posnetek (ortopan). S tem posnetkom zajamemo področje obeh čeljusti in sosednjih tkiv in struktur. Zato je ortopan odličen za ugotovaljanje začetnega stanja pred načrtovanjem nadaljnega zdravljenja. Odličen je tudi za občasne kontrole zdravja ustne votline