First time at the dentist

How is tooth color formed?

It is very important that the child develops the right attitude towards visiting the dentist. This will save you and him a lot of time, tears and worries. Healthy baby teeth are very important, as they keep the place permanent and thus enable the correct development of the jaw. So kids, keep every lost baby tooth healthy and shiny so the tooth mouse doesn’t get disappointed! In our center, we take care of the health of your little ones. We will patiently and in a simple way explain to your child everything we are going to do, with which we will gain his trust, and every next visit to our center will be a special experience for your child.

We take preventive care of your child’s teeth – fissure filling and fluoridation

Prevention in children’s dentistry is very important, not only to protect healthy teeth. Both procedures – both fissure filling and fluoridation – are completely painless and are a great way to get child patients used to visiting the dentist. Dental fissures, located on the biting surface of each tooth, are places where cleaning the teeth is difficult. By filling the fissures, we prevent the accumulation of food and thus the formation of tooth decay (caries). Protective coating with fluorine or fluoridation of children’s teeth is a process that enriches the enamel with fluorine, so it becomes stronger and more resistant to tooth decay.

Some tips for healthy teeth of your child

  • Don’t forget your first visit to the dentist. Baby teeth care starts as soon as the baby’s first tooth grows. This is when the dentist should be visited for the first time, even if the child has no particular problems with the teeth. This is an “extenuating circumstance” that allows us to make the first visit to the dental clinic pass in a friendly atmosphere and for your child to feel safe and protected with us and to become a patient without fear of the dentist.
  • Prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist. Explain to him in a simple way what the clinic looks like and what is happening there.
  • Remember – never mention any bad experiences you have had with the dentist in front of your child.
  • Remember – toothpaste for adults is not suitable for your child. The child should use a toothpaste suitable for his age. A sufficient amount of toothpaste is the size of a pea.
  • The toothbrush should be changed every three to four months. But if the child has gotten over a cold or a virus, even earlier.
  • Help your child brush their teeth. Be aware that children do not have developed motor skills like adults and therefore need your help. If you have any doubts or problems regarding teeth cleaning techniques, ask us and we will be happy to help you.
  • After a thorough evening teeth cleaning, the child can only drink water and unsweetened tea. In this way, you enable him to keep his mouth clean throughout the night and thus reduce the chance of tooth decay.
Don’t worry – your child’s visit to the dental clinic will not be a traumatic experience. With the good cooperation of parents and the dentist at our Skylab center, your child will become a satisfied and happy patient!
The proximity of Terme Čatež allows you to combine the pleasant with the useful, and motivate your child to visit the dentist! Contact us. We are happy to advise you!

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CBCT/3D slikanje čeljusti

Aparat zajame več posameznih posnetkov (prerezov) določenega predela in jih združi v celoto. Na ta način dobimo 3D prikaz, torej ne samo višino in širino, temveč tudi globino. CBCT posnetki se uporabljajo v primerih načrtovanja bolj kompliciranih kirurških posegov, kot so vstavljanje implantatov, komplicirane odstranitve cist in neizrazlih modrostnikov, sum na skrite prelomne čeljusti ipd.

RVG lokalni posnetek

Če želimo bolj natančno sliko določenega predela z veliko natančnih detajlov, naredim RVG lokalni posnetek s katerim zajamemo področje 1-2 zoba, posamzeno razpoko, plombo ali granulom.

Ortopan posnetek

Pri prvem pregledu pacienta v našem centru obvezno naredimo ortopantomagrski posnetek (ortopan). S tem posnetkom zajamemo področje obeh čeljusti in sosednjih tkiv in struktur. Zato je ortopan odličen za ugotovaljanje začetnega stanja pred načrtovanjem nadaljnega zdravljenja. Odličen je tudi za občasne kontrole zdravja ustne votline