which implants are worth the money?

DENTAL IMPLANT PRICE AND QUALITY – useful tips for patients

One of the most popular and advertised services in dentistry is dental implants. implants. And indeed, in most cases, they are an excellent and reliable lifelong solution for the patient. With implants, we can solve almost all problems caused by tooth loss, regardless of whether the patient is missing one tooth or all of his teeth.

What do we need to know about dental implants?

There is a lot of information and offers about dental implants.

What should patients pay attention to when deciding on dental implants?

“We reveal facts that are not highlighted in advertising leaflets, but are very important for the patient.”


When you are interested in the price of a dental implant/implant, you should know that for each replacement of a tooth with an implant it is necessary to pay three components:
  • an implant screw that is inserted into the jawbone and replaces the root of the tooth,
  • the strut, which is the connection between the screw and the cover and
  • a cover that attaches to the strut.
Always ask if the quoted price applies only to the screw or to the complete rehabilitation of the missing tooth or all three components of a dental implant.

Dental implant price – implant price classes:

  • low cost – under 500 euros,

  • mid range approx. 500 euros and

  • premium 750 – 900 euros.

DENTAL IMPLANT QUALITY – what we get for our money

What are the advantages of Premium dental implants and what value do you get for your money? Premium brands, in addition to the already mentioned provision of spare parts, manufacture implants from 100% titanium. Titanium is the only metal that shows complete 100% biocompatibility. This means that the occurrence of allergic reactions in the body is not possible. Such a dental implant is quickly accepted by the body, which ensures greater durability of the product. Premium dental implants are the result of many years of experience and are subject to many years of scientific studies. That is why the outcome of treatment with Premium implants is more expected and reliable. Cheaper implants are often made of alloys, the individual components of which can provoke allergic reactions in the body or implant rejection.
In our Diagnostic and Dental Center Skylab, we insert premium quality dental implants, brand Straummann from Switzerland with more than 40 years of tradition. They guarantee their spare parts for 25 years, and valid no. 1 in the world.

TYPE / BRAND OF DENTAL IMPLANT – what does it tell us?

There is a huge range of different implants on the market. There are many smaller and unestablished companies that sell cheap implants in the market and then disappear after a while. Serious companies/brands have been in the market for several decades and provide their customers with spare parts for at least 20-25 years.

What affects the success of dental implant placement?

Always be aware that three factors are important for implant placement success:

  • quality of the dental implant
  • the expertise of the dentist who installs your implant and
  • your cooperation – proper maintenance of hygiene and regular check-ups at the dentist.

Why choose us?

  • In our Skylab Dental and Diagnostic Center, we employ a top surgeon, a specialist in oral surgery – dr. Primož Jager, who is one of the best Slovenian surgeons.
  • With many years of experience, expertise and top-quality equipment, we guarantee the highest quality services and patient satisfaction.
  • We insert top-quality Straumann implants from Switzerland with more than 40 years of tradition, and guaranteed spare parts for 25 years – no. 1 in the world.
  • We also provide complete instructions on oral hygiene after the insertion of implants and advise on appropriate oral hygiene products.
In this way, we maximize the chances for the successful implantation of dental implants and patient satisfaction.

Are you interested in the PRICE OF A DENTAL IMPLANT?

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CBCT/3D slikanje čeljusti

Aparat zajame več posameznih posnetkov (prerezov) določenega predela in jih združi v celoto. Na ta način dobimo 3D prikaz, torej ne samo višino in širino, temveč tudi globino. CBCT posnetki se uporabljajo v primerih načrtovanja bolj kompliciranih kirurških posegov, kot so vstavljanje implantatov, komplicirane odstranitve cist in neizrazlih modrostnikov, sum na skrite prelomne čeljusti ipd.

RVG lokalni posnetek

Če želimo bolj natančno sliko določenega predela z veliko natančnih detajlov, naredim RVG lokalni posnetek s katerim zajamemo področje 1-2 zoba, posamzeno razpoko, plombo ali granulom.

Ortopan posnetek

Pri prvem pregledu pacienta v našem centru obvezno naredimo ortopantomagrski posnetek (ortopan). S tem posnetkom zajamemo področje obeh čeljusti in sosednjih tkiv in struktur. Zato je ortopan odličen za ugotovaljanje začetnega stanja pred načrtovanjem nadaljnega zdravljenja. Odličen je tudi za občasne kontrole zdravja ustne votline